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Tailored Cleaning Programs

We understand the unique needs of different industries and tailor our cleaning programs to meet them. From fitness centers to high security clearance buildings, we are equipped to provide seamless service that keeps your facility looking great without disturbing your customers or staff.

Serving a Broad Array of Industries

More than any other building your corporate headquarters is the face of your company. We staff these buildings with trusted employees and develop documented task schedules to ensure that cleaning stays on track and the building looks great, no matter the budget.

We are the leader in HOA cleaning and understand the unique aspects of serving homeowners. A cleaning program can’t function properly without routine supervision and accountability. We develop documented work schedules for our porters and closely manage our delivery with weekly Account Manager visits.

Green cleaning programs are standard in our residential buildings. These programs:

  • Protect health without harming the environment
  • Remove the invisible particles that cause asthma, allergies and illness.
  • Prevent the release of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) produced by traditional cleaning
  • Include the use of microfiber, two-sided mop buckets, and CRI-approved vaccuums
  • Feature environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals

Property managers are busy people and we strive to partner with them to keep multi-tenant buildings looking their best. We manage structured cleaning programs at multi-tenant facilities to make janitorial one less thing to worry about. Our documented task and day porter schedules, and routine inspections keep clients abreast of the cleaning programs at their buildings without requiring that they manage them personally.

Medical facilities pose a unique and important set of challenges to a cleaning company. The presence of dangerous organisms requires proper sanitizing and disinfecting. Simultaneously, the weakened immune systems of many hospital occupants necessitate the use of chemicals and tools that improve the facility’s indoor air quality. PMS uses microfiber tools and CRI-approved ProTeam vacuums to remove dust and dirt without dispersing it into the air as traditional cleaning tools do. We also offer our clients the option of third party certified environmentally-preferred chemicals at no additional cost.

Clean rooms are a specialty of ours. We clean multiple facilities that maintain dust and contaminant-free environments and are capable of servicing up to class 100 clean rooms. We understand the strict requirements of clean rooms and provide our staff with specialized training and clean room specific supplies such as lint-free mops and tacky rollers to prevent the movement of dust during cleaning.

We have a long history of cleaning high security clearance facilities, including defense contractors and government buildings, and understand their unique needs. Our employees at these facilities are experienced, fully background checked and trained, with excellent English and customer service skills. We strictly monitor our cleaning programs at these buildings and remain in close contact with the client to ensure that all training and security measures are being complied with. We are proud to have assisted one of these clients in becoming an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star site.

Because children are at greater risk of exposure to toxic chemicals and germs, educational facilities require vigilant cleaning and sanitizing using the least harmful chemicals possible. At these facilities we recommend the use of third party certified green chemicals, microfiber tools and CRI-approved vacuums which remove unwanted particles while improving indoor air quality. Our employees at these buildings are fully background checked, trained, and managed to ensure that cleaning continues smoothly without any interruption to the normal functioning of the school.

We are the leader in fitness center cleaning, each with its own set of amenities and needs. For these accounts we develop Day Porter and task schedules designed to maximize our time at the facility and work in tandem with scheduled classes and high use periods. Because of the high visibility of the Day Porters at these facilities, we staff fitness centers with friendly, highly trained employees in crisp uniforms. We understand that our work reflects on your business and we go out of our way to ensure that we always make a good impression.

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