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Part of our Managed Maintenance Solutions approach is the Comprehensive Janitorial Program, a customized plan designed to meet all of our clients’ maintenance needs. Through the use of site-specific Day Porter and task schedules we ensure the performance of necessary work before emergencies arise. We can accommodate special requests or make changes to the janitorial program at any time.

As we clean we watch for malfunctioning plumbing, electrical or mechanical fixtures likely to affect the smooth running of the building and report them to the facility manager.

We Provide:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Maintenance Program
  • Clean Room Cleaning
  • Concrete Floor Coatings & Maintenance
  • Contract Janitorial Services
  • Custodial Supplies
  • Green Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Stone Care
  • Stripping, Resealing & Recoating of Tile Floors
  • Temporary Help – Day or Night Shift
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Wall Washing
  • Window Cleaning

Just A Small Sample of Where We Excel

We want to exceed your expectations. In order to quantify our success in this area we establish performance standards for the tasks performed at each of the buildings we clean and then measure service delivery using a customized, point-based Inspection Scorecard. This process allows both client and PMS management to quantify cleaning performance, track how quickly issues are resolved, and identify systemic problems. To ensure that cleaning stays on-track, our Quality Plan prescribes the use of day porter and task schedules, regular and unscheduled inspections by management, client-completed surveys, and frequent contact with the client.

PMS maintains a fleet of 15 experienced floor care crews capable of servicing ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile, stone flooring and carpet. This exceptional team is managed by Operations Manager Hector Romero who joined PMS in 1982. We understand the investment these surfaces represent as well as the impact they make on the appearance and longevity of a facility. We proactively manage your hard floor and carpet program so that you can focus on your job.

We give our clients a choice of regular floor care visits included in the contract or as an additional service.

We offer day porter services for facilities such as shopping malls, gyms, and companies with a large number of employees that require cleaning services throughout the day. In addition to maintaining restrooms and performing daily cleaning, these employees follow a customized schedule of daily tasks and provide an added layer of security and professionalism to their job sites.

While janitors do not typically interact with building occupants or the public, day porters are always in the public eye. Because of this factor, we ensure that day porters are equipped with clean, well-fitting uniforms, and possess excellent English and customer service skills.

Clean rooms are a specialty of ours. We maintain multiple facilities with dust and contaminant-free environments and we are capable of servicing up to class 100 clean rooms. We understand the strict standards placed on these areas and provide our staff with specialized training as well as supplies like lint-free mops and tacky rollers to prevent the movement of dust during cleaning.

Medical facilities pose a unique and important set of challenges to a cleaning company. The presence of dangerous organisms requires proper sanitizing and disinfecting. Simultaneously, the weakened immune systems of many hospital occupants necessitate the use of chemicals and tools that improve the facility’s indoor air quality. PMS uses microfiber tools and CRI-approved ProTeam vacuums to remove dust and dirt without dispersing it into the air as traditional cleaning tools do. We also offer our clients the option of third party certified environmentally-preferred chemicals at no additional cost.

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