Was your Janitorial Company ready to partner with you to navigate your changing janitorial needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As a CIMS certified janitorial service provider PMS already had a documented and certified Pandemic Response Plan that was implemented in early March.

We pride ourselves on our great flexibility, all contract terms were waived while we partnered with facility and property managers to meet their unique needs. When shutdowns were called for, we suspended programs in full. PMS redesigned scopes of work for partial openings and recommended enhanced cleaning specifications for essential businesses that had to protect their workforce while operating at full capacity.

PMS has successfully managed the supply chain to ensure that all clients are fully stocked on toilet paper, paper towels, gloves and disinfectant. We have supported in the efforts to provide hand sanitizers and hygiene stations.

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Deep Cleaning

What to do if you have a suspected or positive COVID-19 Case-

PMS offers deep cleaning and disinfecting if you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your facility. We tailor the service based on areas exposed and associated risk. We offer localized disinfecting to advanced broad scale fogging and electrostatic spraying methodologies.

Enhanced Disinfecting Services

The traditional janitorial scope of work did not call for nightly disinfecting of key touchpoints. PMS will work with you to analyze your facility to recommend enhanced cleaning specifications. We pride ourselves with our consultative nature, achieving a balance of safety with budgetary constraints.

Dedicated Disinfecting Day Porters

PMS offers dedicated disinfecting day porters to increase the frequency of key touchpoint disinfecting. Not only does this service break the chain of infection throughout the day, it offers clients peace of mind that their facility is doing what it can to keep them safe and healthy.

Fogging and Electrostatic Spraying Services

PMS offers fogging and electrostatic disinfecting spraying services. In addition to the tried and true method of manual disinfecting, PMS offers fogging and electrostatic spraying options to ensure that all any awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reach surfaces are properly disinfected. These spraying methods cover all surfaces and reduces the amount of time needed to disinfect large spaces.

Safe Reopening Plans

PMS has safe reopening plans that we can share with facility managers. We are members of all relevant Building Services organizations as well as have the pleasure of servicing a global customer base. We eagerly learn from many sources and share the resources we find freely with our clients.

Staff training

As a CIMS certified janitorial service provider, PMS was already having monthly safety check ins and quarterly documented safety training meetings with all staff. In response to the Pandemic, PMS has implemented enhanced training and screening protocols. Staff are told not to report to work if they are ill. All staff is training in disinfecting, glove, and hand washing protocols to clean for health. PMS is following all applicable Health Orders and recommendations from the CDC.


All disinfecting is performed utilizing chemicals on the EPA’s List N: Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-COV-2.

Surface Testing/Cleaning Validation

PMS offers environmental surface testing to validate our COVID-19 Disinfecting programs