COVID-19/CoronaVirus Safety Prevention Plan

Was your Janitorial Company ready to partner with you to navigate your changing janitorial needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As a CIMS certified janitorial service provider PMS has a documented and certified Pandemic Response Plan that was implemented in early March 2020.

We pride ourselves on our great flexibility, all contract terms were waived while we partnered with facility and property managers to meet their unique needs. When shutdowns were called for, we suspended programs in full. PMS redesigned scopes of work for partial openings and recommended enhanced cleaning specifications for essential businesses that had to protect their workforce while operating at full capacity.

As California’s premier janitorial provider, our buying power positions us at the front of the line for supply chain.  We have the products you need to fully stock your facility. Our warehouse is fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and all PPE supplies to ensure our customers’ needs are met on demand.

Rest assured should one of your hardworking janitors contract the virus, we provide “Covid Pay” a full pay structure during necessary quarantine in support of their absence.

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Enhanced Disinfecting Services

Our standard scope of work calls for nightly disinfecting of high touch areas, i.e., restrooms, breakrooms, and lobbies.  We pride ourselves on our consultative nature, achieving a balance of safety with budgetary constraints.

Depending on your building’s unique needs, we offer the following Elective Service Enhancements:

  • Additional Nighttime Disinfecting: non-contractual, flexible, tailored sanitation to mitigate the spread of the virus in your building
  • Disinfecting Day Porter Services: high frequency disinfecting of all key touch and common areas delivering a tangible image of safety for your employees and clients

Emergency Covid Disinfecting Services

In the event of an exposure, PMS is standing by to provide emergency Covid Disinfecting Services i.e., Electrostatic Spraying with separate, specialized personnel. Our company’s Special Teams division comprised of a fleet of 25 vans and 50 techs are ready to deploy for same day emergency requests. The techs are fully trained to use PPE at all times, including gowns, face covers, gloves, goggles, and shoe covers.  We utilize electrostatic sprayers and the 3M line of disinfectants to ensure safe reopening of your affected areas.


Disinfecting is performed utilizing the following chemicals with a rapid dwell time and Coronavirus kill claim

Staff Safety Training

Preventative Measures
As a CIMS certified janitorial service provider, PMS has a history of dedicated best practice protocol including monthly safety check ins and quarterly documented safety training meetings with all staff.  In response to the Pandemic, PMS implemented enhanced training and screening protocols.  As a daily measure, staff are required to complete a COVID Symptom Questionnaire, trained in Social Distancing, and breaks/lunches are taken separately.  Staff are told not to report to work if they are ill.  All staff are trained in disinfecting, glove, and hand washing protocols to clean for health.  PMS is following all applicable Health Orders and recommendations from the CDC. We are creating policy, communicating, and providing readily available resources to our employees and customers. As those needs change, we are constantly updating our approach accordingly.

Reactive Measures
In the event of an exposure, PMS conducts employee Contact Tracing and provides notification to the client.  The employees are sent for Rapid Covid Antigen Testing.  Upon positive case results, backup staff are provided while that employee is out for a mandatory 2-week quarantine. Rest assured, PMS provides full pay and benefits to these affected employees during quarantine.  PMS is standing by to provide emergency Covid Disinfecting Services i.e., Electrostatic Spraying with separate, specialized personnel. These Special Teams crews are trained to use PPE at all times, including gowns, face covers, gloves, goggles, and shoe covers.  PMS strives to be as transparent, responsive, and communicative as possible to mitigate the spread.

Safe Reopening Plans (SRP Checklist)

  • Hand sanitizing stations in High Touch areas
  • Laminated hand washing instructions displayed in restrooms and breakrooms
  • 3 months of supply inventory levels onsite at all times to accommodate any future shortages
  • Covid Signage Solutions (Social Distancing markers)
  • Elective Service Enhancements
    • Additional Nighttime Disinfecting (desks/keyboards/phones)
    • Disinfecting Day Porter Services (frequent disinfecting of high touch areas)
  • Emergency Covid Disinfecting Services