Supervision is Key.  PMS has a huge seasoned management team and the highest Manager to Account Ratio in the industry.

Clean and Safe Work Environments
Seasoned and dedicated District Managers
24/7 access to PMS Management
The right processes, systems and tools for ALL staff members
Transparent Reporting to ensure a proactive approach
Customized plan designed to meet your specific maintenance needs
Systems designed based on facility needs and formalized in Task Schedules
Standardized Service Delivery integrating Best Practices

What Sets PMS Apart?

We have one of the largest Management teams in the region supported by a dedicated Customer Service team and a communication system that guarantees response within the hour and resolution that same day. As a CIMS certified company, we incorporate industry best practices for work loading and staffing, so that when we promise something we will deliver.

Cleaning Services

We excel in creating and maintaining clean, healthy and safe indoor environments from office buildings to industrial and manufacturing facilities of all types. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, innovative cleaning services and improve the lives, property and assets of our customers.

Janitorial Services

Our Managed Maintenance Solutions approach provides a Comprehensive Janitorial Program that delivers cleaning services that take the stress and guesswork out of facility maintenance. A high standard of maintenance will give the right first impression to important visitors as well as enhance your business success.

In order to exceed your expectations:

  • We establish performance standards for the tasks performed
  • Documented training of PMS Cleaning Personnel is consistently maintained at specified levels of security, safety and hygiene
  • We measure service delivery using a customized, electronic point-based Inspection Scorecard
  • This process allows both client and PMS management to quantify
    • cleaning performance
    • track how quickly issues are resolved
    • identify if problems are systemic
  • To ensure that cleaning stays on-track, our Quality Plan prescribes
    • the use of Service Outlines, Day Porter, Floor Care and Task schedules
    • regular and unscheduled inspections by our Q/A team
    • client-completed surveys
    • frequent contact with the client

Industry Specialized Services

Every facility is different so it’s critical to analyze current conditions and operations. By designing a customized cleaning program, we can enhance operational efficiencies, optimize processes and reduce your costs.

Whether your specialized cleaning requirements are related to security access concerns or critical environmental issues, PMS recognizes they pose a unique and important set of challenges. We meet these challenges as we are a CIMS-GB certified and DOD cleared cleaning company ensuring:

  • Cleaning service requirements are pre-established with customer and these services are compliant to the appropriate standards, documented and approved. A customer driven Quality Plan is formalized detailing scope of work, procedures, processes and equipment and performance outcome metrics
  • Training of PMS cleaning personnel so that specialized environments are consistently maintained at specified levels of security, safety and hygiene
  • Specialized cleaning activities are documented and records maintained
  • Operational inspections are planned and performed as service is delivered according to the Quality Plan, which can evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the customer over time
  • PMS maintains compliance with the pertinent provisions of federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, Good Manufacturing Practices and California State requirements

Day Porter Services                 

We offer Day Porter Services for a multitude of buildings such as community properties, commercial campuses, fitness centers, and schools that require cleaning services throughout the day.

In addition to maintaining common areas and performing daily cleaning, these employees follow a customized schedule of daily tasks and are the “eyes and ears” of your facility.  They are trained to take a proactive approach, reporting any program issues to their managers for quick resolution.  

We recognize the high visibility of this staff and potential interaction with your residents, employees, and customers.  They project a high level of professionalism with their uniforms, communication, and customer service skills.

Specialist Services

Critical Environment
GMP Lab, Clean Room, Terminal Clean
Floor Care
Luxury Vinyl, Natural Stone, Ceramic Tile, VCT, Finished Concrete, etc.
Carpet Cleaning
Extraction, Dry Methods (Encapsulation), Rotary Brush Cleaning
Day Porter Services
for Commercial Campus Settings and Community Buildings
Event Coverage Services
for additional staffing coverage


Is your Janitorial Company ready to partner with you to navigate your changing janitorial needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As a CIMS certified janitorial service provider PMS has a documented and certified Pandemic Response Plan that was implemented in early March.

We pride ourselves on our great flexibility, all contract terms were waived while we partnered with facility and property managers to meet their unique needs. When shutdowns were called for, we suspended programs in full. PMS redesigned scopes of work for partial openings and recommended enhanced cleaning specifications for essential businesses that had to protect their workforce while operating at full capacity.

As California’s premier janitorial provider, our buying power positions us at the front of the line for supply chain. We have the products you need to fully stock your facility. Our warehouse is fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and all PPE supplies to ensure our customers’ needs are met on demand.

Rest assured should one of your hardworking janitors contract the virus, we provide “Covid Pay” a full pay structure during necessary quarantine in support of their absence.

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Green Cleaning

Just Saying “GREEN” doesn’t make it so!

What Is Green Cleaning?

As a dedicated green cleaning company, our processes are focused on protecting health while minimizing the impact on our environment. A green cleaning program removes both visible residues and the invisible particles that cause asthma, allergies, and illness while reducing the amount of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) released by traditional cleaning processes.

Green Cleaning means

Cleaner facilities
with fewer germs


A more productive

Lower energy
and water costs

More effective

CIMS-Green Building Certification and USGBC member

CIMS-GB was tailored to match the requirements of LEED-EBOM. As a CIMS with Honors and CIMS-GB Certified company and member of the US Green Building Counsel, we are equipped to implement whatever level of “green” cleaning our clients require.

We are committed to
Environmental Excellence

Whether you are interested in LEED certification or just want to provide the healthiest, most sustainable workplace possible, we can help.




PMS knows the elements of a LEED-compliant green cleaning program:

  • Third party certified green chemicals with dilution systems
  • Microfiber cloths and mop heads
  • CRI-approved vacuums with HEPA filters
  • Documented training and product tracking
  • Recommendations on post-consumer recycle content, consumable products and walk-off matting systems


We are committed to environmental excellence and can help you secure points under the LEED-EBOM Green Building Rating System. Elements include:

  • Healthy, High-Performance Cleaning Program with documented employee training
  • Third-party certified green cleaning products
  • Sustainable product purchasing logs
  • Equipment maintenance logs
  • Recommendations for entryway matting systems


We understand the unique needs of different industries and tailor our cleaning programs to meet them. From fitness centers to high security clearance buildings, we are equipped to provide seamless service that keeps your facility looking great without disturbing your customers or staff.

Corporate Headquarters                    

In 1982, PMS was founded as a Corporate Headquarters Cleaning Company. For 20 years we focused primarily on this market, fine tuning our service and approach. Many of the facilities we began cleaning almost 40 years ago: Raytheon, Kyocera, CP Kelco, YMCA, Cubic, are still clients today. PMS belongs to IFMA SD as a Platinum Sponsor since 2012 in honor of these long-standing facility partnerships and in support of our professional community.

A quality cleaning program is a direct reflection of your business. It makes a statement, improving the employee and visitor experience. Our terms are flexible and our programs are fluid. We can make program and invoicing changes same day. The management and communication system we have in place allows us to tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

A clean building is a healthy building. A healthy building promotes healthy employees and those employees produce more. Less sick days equate to more productivity. Let us help you maximize the productivity of your facility.

Commercial Property Management

PMS’ Managed Maintenance Solutions at multi-tenant buildings make janitorial one less thing to worry about. We offer locally managed, quality cleaning services at national rates. Our terms are flexible and our services are scalable to meet your ever-changing needs.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and communication. We invest in one of the largest management teams supported by a communication system that guarantees response within the hour and resolution that same day. Rest assured, our clients can call and speak to a live person 24/7.

Our reputation and presence in the industry locally, has positioned us as Waxie’s largest customer. We manage all inventory of restroom supplies from our own warehouse, compared with competitors who drop ship supplies for property managers to handle. The benefits to our clients are complimentary, hassle-free delivery of supplies in appropriate quantities and competitive prices.

In support of our strong regional standing in the market and loyalty to our customers, we are a proud Silver Sponsor of BOMA and Gold Sponsor of IREM.

As the leader in HOA and Apartment cleaning, we understand the unique aspects of serving residents. A cleaning program cannot function properly without routine supervision and accountability.   We design documented work schedules for our porters and closely manage our delivery with weekly Account Manager visits.  Our green cleaning programs ensure the health and safety of your residents.

  • Include the use of microfiber, two-sided mop buckets, and multi-filtration HEPA filter vacuums
  • ProTeam are the only vacuums in partnership with the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality
  • Feature environmentally-friendly green cleaning chemicals


Healthcare cleaning is more than meets the eye. Healthcare facilities require Infection Control as State Government and other regulatory agencies are increasing the visibility and scrutiny of cleaning protocols in hospitals and clinics across the country. PMS upholds responsible cleaning and terminal cleaning for over 250 clinics and surgery centers across California. We understand the factors and critical nature unique to these building environments.

The threat of dangerous organisms in medical environments are mitigated with proper cleaning protocols and the results are quantifiable. Our Healthcare cleaning program reduces HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) by as much as 30%, significantly contributing to your bottom line. We deliver cleaner facilities with fewer germs, which in turn results in less nosocomial infections, healthier employees, and a more productive workforce. The efficacy of our cleaning systems puts you in compliance with state surface testing requirements.

Life Science and Cleanroom Environment

PMS has the training, knowledge, and experience to be your premier cleaning contractor providing superior service and support for various ISO Class 3 (Aseptic Class 100) to Class 8 cleanrooms (Class 100,000) facilities. We currently service various Medical Laboratories and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) manufacturing areas designed for Device, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Cell Culture operations.

Our PMS team is highly trained and qualified in the following:

      • Proper Gowning Practices and Techniques
      • Cleanroom cleaning and disinfection,
      • Material transfer in and out of cleanrooms
      • Room use logs and area clearance
      • Maintaining excellent Good Documentation Practices (GDP)
      • Generating accurate cleaning and disinfection records
      • Operating all dedicated and non-dedicated clean room equipment i.e., CRI Approved HEPA filtered vacuums and low particulate wipes and mops

We take extreme care in handling cleanroom equipment, supplies and reagents, and rotate cleaning disinfectants for proper environmental control.  PMS is capable of understanding your desired cleaning needs.  We work closely with Facility Management and Quality Control to create a custom cleaning plan or follow existing procedures in order to meet GMP requirements and help control viable and non-viable particulates.

High Security/Government/Aerospace

Defense Contractors are leading the way with supplier diversity. Our WBE designation satisfies your MWBE spending requirements. Additionally, PMS is ranked as the largest women-owned company headquartered in San Diego.

Our company has upheld DOD contractor status since 1997. Our executive and management teams maintain Secret Clearance and our FSO diligently keeps us in compliance.

Some of our very first clients that we service today fall into these categories such as Raytheon, CUBIC Defense, GKN Aerospace, FBI, and L-3 Technologies.

We navigate and carry the following various special clearances:

    • DOD
    • Accurate Background
    • TSA
    • GSA
    • RAPIDGate


We understand the significance of keeping these environments clean and safe for your students and faculty. We thoughtfully design “Professional Maintenance Systems” at your facilities to ensure a consistent level of cleanliness at all times. PMS is in compliance with LiveScan, the employee screening specific to schools.

We successfully service education facilities at every level from preschools to universities including Francis Parker, USD, University of St. Augustine, Success Education Colleges, and the San Diego Natural History Museum at Balboa Park.

We have always been a family organization with a culture of giving. Although historically cause-agnostic, now our company’s giving is mission-oriented. We are invested in donating to children’s causes and supporting our communities. We are proud to contribute significant time and resources annually to YMCAs, The New Children’s Museum, The Autism Tree Project, and Rady Children’s Hospital.

Fitness Centers

PMS understands the significant sanitary requirements unique to this sector of businesses. We are not just cleaning. We are cleaning for the health of your members by killing germs and disinfecting high touch point areas daily. Our Health-based cleaning programs are aimed at keeping your patrons safe and comfortable.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with our fitness center clients: YMCAs, FIT Athletic Club, and Broadway Athletic Club just to name a few.

“For over a decade, PMS has provided high-quality janitorial services to our YMCA branches across San Diego County. Serving over 500,000 people each year, it is imperative that our facilities are clean and welcoming each day. We rely on PMS to provide a wholesome and inviting environment for our youth, adult, and senior participants – and we do this with full confidence.”
Baron Herdelin-Doherty, former President & CEO, YMCA of San Diego County.