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When it comes to janitorial service companies in Orange County, there is only one that offers cleaning campaigns that are so comprehensive and so guaranteed that clients never look elsewhere again – welcome to PMS Professional Maintenance Systems!

Our company’s rich history dates back to 1982, and our presence from San Diego to San Francisco to Seattle has made a name for itself – a name that includes 1,400 team members including janitors, day porters, regional managers, emergency clean-up crews, customer-care support teams, and more.

Whether you require superficial cleaning and disinfecting or deep-down scrubbing and sanitizing for your commercial facility, apartment complex, office building, or warehouse, etc, you will discover a caliber of thoroughness and professionalism no other janitorial service companies will match.

PMS utilizes the latest cleaning industry technologies to ensure floors, doors, elevators, restrooms, lobbies, and much more smell clean, look clean, and are clean!  Catering to clients in Orange County who demand spotless facilities is what we do best!

No Matter Where, We’ll Be There

Unlike other janitorial service companies, we meet and exceed our Orange County clients’ expectations – guaranteed.  Any unexpected matters that require immediate attention are addressed on the same day.  Our janitorial team goes the extra mile to ensure the trust and integrity we have worked decades to maintain, remain unquestioned. 

Medical facilities, government installations, schools & universities, event centers, conference centers, bars & pubs, restaurants, and more benefit from our proactive steps to combat COVID-19 that have been in place since March of 2020.  Our specialized teams are always ready to implement Emergency COVID Disinfectant Services should the need arise.  We, also, utilize next-generation 3M Science floor care and maintenance.

Why Does Orange County Select PMS?

Compared to other janitorial service companies, our commitment to please our clients is unrivaled since we:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction – Our clients, throughout California, are assured of the highest quality control.  Our district managers take ownership of each location which includes overseeing janitorial and day porter cleaning crews.
  • Promote active communication – PMS manages all concerns and requests, expeditiously, with active communication.  Email communications from our clients receive a guaranteed response time within an hour.
  • Address every need – As mentioned, our janitorial services offer not only janitorial cleaning but day porter options as well.  Our standard scope of work includes nightly disinfecting of high-touch areas that present the biggest concern for transmitting illnesses.  We, also, offer Elective Service Enhancements such as additional nighttime disinfecting – non-contractual, flexible, tailored cleaning!
  • Exceed expectations – Our Managed Maintenance Solutions approach provides a Comprehensive Janitorial Program.  PMS is a CIMS with Honors and CIMS-GB Certified company and member of the US Green Building Counsel.

Our Janitorial Services Address Every Type of Need

Establishments of every type, throughout Orange County and beyond, rely on our janitorial services to meet their specific needs.  This includes:

  • Corporate Headquarters – A few of our distinguished clients include Raytheon, Kyocera, CP Kelco, and YMCA.
  • Homeowners Associations/Apartment Complexes/Retirement Communities – Our cleaning services ensure shared amenities remain spotless and shining – from lobbies, elevators, and clubhouses to on-site pet spas, poolside restrooms, fitness rooms, and so much more.
  • High-Security/Government/Aerospace Entities – Our clients include GKN-Aerospace, FBI, L-3 Technologies, and others.  Our DOD contractor status has been in effect since 1997.
  • Educational Facilities – PMS serves preschools up to institutions of higher learning.  Francis Parker, the University of Saint Augustine, Success Education Colleges, and the San Diego History Museum include a few of our valued customers.
  • Life Science/Clean Room Environments – Our cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting ensures an ‘envelope of safety’ when infection control measures are required within research, biomedical, testing facilities, etc.
  • Healthcare Facilities – We serve over 250 clinics and surgery centers across California.  The efficacy of our cleaning systems puts healthcare facilities in compliance with state surface-testing requirements.
  • Commercial Property Management – Our products, methodologies, and technologies combat the rapid growth of pathogens in carpets, on hard surfaces, in high-touch areas, etc.
  • Fitness Centers – PMS continues its valued partnerships with YMCA, FIT Athletic Club, and Broadway Athletic Club, to name a few.

If you own or manage any type of Orange County facility that prides itself on maintaining a pristine image, you can bypass the rest and invest in the best – PMS.  We remain Orange County’s dream clean team!

Fitness Centers:  Our long-standing relationships with fitness-center clients include YMCA, FIT Athletic Club, and Broadway Athletic Club to name just a few.

Our Dependability And Recognition Are Your Assurance

Dependability is more important than talent – it is a direct reflection of character.  It is what our clients in Orange County expect, deserve, and receive.  Our standards of excellence, over the past 40-plus years, have never been compromised.  From our Senior Management personnel to our skilled team members who exceed 1,400 hundred committed individuals, you can be assured of a tier of integrity that is unsurpassed, unquestioned, and uncompromising.

Our commercial cleaning company is CIMS-Certified, meaning PMS offers its Orange County clients with proof and promises that follow strict use of disinfection products as well as stringent protocol regarding manufacturers’ procedures for proper use.

Our Orange County clients benefit from PMS being not only CIMS-Certified, but being a company that is CIMS-Green Building with Honors Certified.  Here, compliance with core principles is a priority that revolves around 1) quality systems 2) service delivery 3) human resources 4) health, safety, and environmental stewardship and 5) management commitment. 

The words, ‘with honors’ designates recognized prestige that accompanies established certification.  This places our commercial cleaning company in an elite category of certified providers where dedication to customer satisfaction and embracing best practices is a priority.  

We embrace third-party validation.  The International Sanitary Supply Association serves as the impetus behind our commercial cleaning company being CIMS-Certified.  It ensures the highest level of cleanliness and safety – providing safer and healthier work environments for employees, customers, and consumers.

Our COVID-19/Corona Virus Safety-Prevention Plan

Preventing the spread of powerful viruses has to do with utilizing preventive approaches and immediate action.  As a commercial cleaning company, PMS has taken proactive steps to combat COVID-19, since early March 2020.  At PMS, we continue to help our Orange County clients navigate through their enhanced cleaning requirements.  

Because our company is customer-centric, we took the initiative of waiving all contract terms as we partnered with facility and property managers to help them meet their unique needs.  When shutdowns were implemented, we suspended programs, in full!

In light of all this, PMS redesigned scopes of work for partial openings and offered effective recommendations for enhanced cleaning specifications for essential businesses which, desperately, needed to protect their workforce while operating at full capacity.

Our buying power positions us at the front of the supply chain.  This means your facility or business can be assured of having every product or PPE supply you need, at a moment’s notice.

Emergency COVID-Disinfecting Services are available in the event of an exposure.  We provide emergency interventions which include Electrostatic Spraying utilized by highly-trained specialists.  Our Special Teams Division includes a fleet of 25 vans and 50 specialized techs who are ready to deploy for same-day emergencies.

Staff Safety Training includes monthly safety check-ins as well as quarterly documented safety training meetings with all staff!  Always on the side of caution, PMS implements fortified training and screening protocols in response to the pandemic.

Daily, individual team members complete a required COVID-Symptom Questionnaire in addition to a host of other proactive measures to maximize the safety of our team as well as the safety of every Orange County client.

PMS is continually readied to conduct employee Contact Tracing in the event of an exposure.  If positive results are generated by an employee who has undergone Rapid Covid Antigen Testing, that employee would remain in a mandatory 2-week quarantine – with full pay and benefits!  And, of course, any relevant clients would be notified.  Our backup staff is available in the event that one or more team members must be covered.

Learn more about our cutting-edge solutions regarding Management Support, Safety, and Easy Reporting.

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